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The use of SEO is essential for today's business. All your competitors rely on it.

That's why you need a multi-layered strategy mixed with creative flair and a data-driven approach to break through the noise to get heard.

Digiffic's dedicated team of experts never goes for low-hanging fruit; we find opportunities in places others don't dare to look.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and relates to fine-tuning your website to get more traffic from search results, which translates into more people visiting your website, which equals more customers. 

How does it work?

In a nutshell:

Imagine sending out scouts for reconnaissance to see whether some territory is safe or prosperous in the materials you need. Google or other search engines do precisely the same. 

They send bots to crawl websites and judge them on their merits, among other things, content, codes, architecture, and external links. 

The evaluation aims to determine the value of a website to google users and then make recommendations by positioning that website higher in search engine rankings.

How much does it cost?

At digiffic, we tailor our strategy to suit your individual needs and goals, so it is impossible to say without auditing your website first. Fill out the form below and get a free consultation. 

How to build an SEO-friendly website?

If you are new to SEO or want to expand your knowledge on the topic, focus first on different factors that search engine bots analyze and ways to improve them. 

Well-optimized content. Work on content that supplies the demands of visitors. Avoid empty rhetoric and focus on their actual needs. Include relevant keywords in your texts, divide them into headings and remember that your content should be linkable (use links to redirect your visitor to other parts of your website but be careful not to overdo it!).

URL structure and meta descriptions. Ensure all of your subpages have proper meta titles and meta descriptions, and the structure of your URLs is simple and easy to follow by a robot.

Pictures and photos with keywords. If your website also includes some graphic elements, remember that all of them should have keywords in the ALT descriptions.

Target customer needs. This is one of the most challenging steps in improving your website ranking. Try to anticipate your visitor’s expectations. The more attractive your site becomes, the more users will visit it.

Be active on and off-site. Update your website content and act as an expert also through other channels. Create blog posts that answer your customers’ questions and be active on various social media and forums.

Mobile-friendly site. Each year the number of people using mobile phones to browse the Internet increases. A functional mobile site or an app is a must in this day and age.

Responsive web design. Remember that your site should be responsive; properly visible on each desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

How to avoid common SEO mistakes?

When done correctly, SEO for e-commerce should allow you to increase the visibility of your page in the search engine. However, it is common to make a mistake that might cause a drop in the search list. The most typical mistakes are:

  • complicated page structure,
  • lack of content on your website,
  • absence of the product search engine on the site,
  • duplicate content,
  • Incorrect use of keywords,
  • content that does not match your user,
Does it work?

To put it simply, YES.

Choosing SEO as a marketing strategy for your website is extremely beneficial. Firstly, it can help you generate high-quality traffic on your website. Thanks to SEO, your potential customers can easily find you, for instance, through the helpful information you post. You don’t have to look for them – they will find you by themselves. What’s more, choosing SEO marketing is much more cost-effective than ads. Introducing changes to your website and creating content is an investment for years. Once created, your website content will always be there.

Additionally, statistics show that SEO gets more clicks than paid campaigns. If your content is varied, you may be visible in numerous results for different searches. SEO can also make you more popular than your competitors. It is the best way to move ahead of competitors that do not care about their websites.

What to expect?

If you want to hire an SEO company, don’t expect instant results that will pop up in one or two weeks. Remember that website optimization is a long-term investment that gives you benefits gradually. The sooner you implement it, the better, so don’t wait any longer.

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