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Do you want to avoid sifting through hundreds of resumes and still needing to find the perfect fit for your company? 

Digiffic will take your employer branding to the next level with content that showcases your company's culture and values, making you an employer of choice.

Stop wasting your time and resources on ineffective recruitment methods and start attracting the cream of the crop with our recruitment marketing services. 


Recruitment marketing
Why do you need recruitment marketing?

In recent years the approach to remote work and flexible hours has changed. It's a common practice now, making it more challenging to source talented people because you don't just compete against companies in your immediate vicinity but with businesses worldwide.

Why do you need us to take care of your recruitment marketing campaigns?

It's because we focus on data. We won't tell you to attend more events or change your no-pet policy (although you should if you have one). We will install a complex sales funnel to meet your short and long-term goals. 

Short-term results

When hiring specialists in any given area, we design a working funnel consisting of paid social traffic on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. We also eliminate any bottlenecks in your recruitment process preventing some candidates from applying. With paid traffic, you'll increase the volume of applicants for your open positions. 

Long-term results

You may think that the short-term outcome is enough, but it's never a good idea to solve a problem without understanding its reason. In this case, it's simple: many businesses want the same people, and what you offer may be great, but your potential employees don't know it. To avoid such a situation in the future, increase your brand awareness through Employer Branding. Show these people a little bit of what's behind the scenes - don't focus on those thinking about changing their job right now. Think about your future needs and people who will consider changing jobs in 6 months or a year. It would be best to start nurturing them before you need them. Because if you don't, someone else will.

Who may need recruitment marketing?

I wouldn't lie if I said "every company globally," whether you're a software development company in high demand for engineers or a rapidly growing startup. To keep up with the market, you need people with a suitable skill set, experience, and attitude.

Usually, we support:

  • companies that have in-house Employer Branding and recruitment teams, but need performance-based campaigns to reach desired talent pool and increase the application volume
  • smaller organizations without Employer Branding teams that need new people with the required background right now and they're not able to attract them with usual methods (LinkedIn, job boards, or local media)
  • large enterprises looking for a way to optimize their recruitment process and reduce the cost of single hire or a CV

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