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Recruitment Marketing

Do you remember those time when all you had to do when recruiting experts to join your team was to post an ad online (or even better - in a local newspaper)? 

We don’t, because it was always difficult to find the best people and convince them that your company is the best one on the market.

Why do you need recruitment marketing?

It got even harder now since businesses worldwide changed their approach and became more flexible in terms of remote work and flexible hours. It came to the point where the largest players often don’t require its workforce to be in their offices and, in some cases, to be in the same country or continent. Now you don’t compete with companies in your neighbourhood to attract the best talent, but you started competing with businesses from all over the world.

The question is: how can you make sure that the best people will still want to apply for your open positions? 

Posting an ad online won’t do the trick. Believe us, we’ve tried.

It’s not about your company being worse than these large companies. You don’t have to be a publicly traded on NASDAQ or this cool startup with huge investment round from the most prestigious VCs in the valley to make people want to work with you.

It's that you just need to be more creative. We've seen tons of companies to focus on sourcing on LinkedIn or just bomb every job board there is, hoping that people will apply. And they will - it will work, but not if all you have to offer is an open position that you need to be filled out.

Look what others are doing:

  • they attend numerous events to show potential employees that they're out there;
  • they host webinars, they share their knowledge, they just want their audience to know that they're know what they're doing;
  • they go mad when it comes to let the world know what benefits they have and how fascinating working there is.

All this to make sure that the company isn't anonymous and to work on the long-term goal to become an attractive employer and when these people who could work for you start thinking about changing a job - they will say "yup, this place is cool. I can work there". 

Thinking about recruiting a software developers, SAP consultants, marketing experts or any other professionals that are in demand right now? Well, that's fine - you'll find them with your regular process eventually. But if you're looking for the best candidates and you need them fast, you have to go an extra mile. 

We need you to know that we're not Employer Branding team. We just identify the best aspects of your organization and we make sure that people who could work with you see the right message at the right time so you can start getting as many applications as you need.

Why do you need us to take care of your recruitment marketing campaigns?

It's because, like every campaign we execute, we focus on data. We won't tell you to attend more events or to modify your no pet policy (although we think you should if you have one). We will implement a complex sales funnel to meet your short and long-term goals. 

  • Short-term results

When you need to hire specialists in any given area we will design a working funnel consisting of paid social traffic, including Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. We will also make sure to get rid of any bottlenecks you may have in your recruitment process that may prevent some candidates to apply. This way, with paid traffic, you'll increase the volume of applicants on your open positions and you'll be able to focus on growing your business again. 

  • Long-term results

You may think that this short-term outcome would be enough, but it's never a good idea to solve a problem without understanding the reason of why we even had to deal with the problem. And the reason is very common: a lot of businesses want the same people and what you offer may be great, but your potential employees just don't know it. If you want to avoid such situation in the future, take care of increasing your brand awareness in terms of Employer Branding, show these people a little bit of the backstage - don't focus on these who think about changing a job right now. Think about your future needs and people who will consider changing jobs in 6 months or a year. You need to start nurturing them before you actually need them. Because if you won't, someone else will.

Who may need recruitment marketing?

I wouldn't lie if I said "every company in the world". It doesn't matter whether you're a software development company that's in a high demand of engineers or a rapidly growing startup. To keep up with the market you need people with the right skillset, experience and attitude.

Usually we support:

  • companies that have in-house Employer Branding and recruitment teams and they just need performance based campaigns to reach desired talent pool and increase the application volume;
  • smaller organizations without Employer Bradning teams that need new people with required background right now and they're not able to attract them with usual methods (LinkedIn, job boards or local media)
  • large enterprises looking for a way to optimize their recruitment process and reduce the cost of single hire or acquiring a CV.


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What is it that we do exactly?

We identify what's causing lower than expected volume of applications or why the applications quality is below market average. We fix bottlenecks and design funnels that will attract more candidates on the highest priority roles. In the long-term we work on decreasing the cost of a single hire and increasing your employer brand awareness.

Results come first

In recruitment it's simple - it's either you have candidates or you don't. We always make sure that our actions have a real impact on your business. That you will get applications that meet your expectations - both in terms of quality and quantity. We won't focus on things that should be improved in your Employer Branding strategy. We'll make sure that we get people to apply for your open positions and that you're able to grow again.

Precise targeting

Go on Facebook Ads and find out how many people, according to algorithms, are interested in a software development or logistics, or any other industry you'd like. There's too many of them. It's because interests based targeting often isn't too precise. On the other hand, people rarely update their "job title" field on Facebook. Normally this would make FB irrelevant in your recruitment marketing strategy and you'd just focus on LinkedIn. We see social media other than LinkedIn as an opportunity. If there's fewer competitors there, let's take advantage of that. Forget about these simple targeting methods and let us do our magic.

Why our campaigns work?

Are you aware how many messages from recruiters on LinkedIn top talent gets on daily basis? On top of that there are paid campaigns that target them, based on their job experience or interests. Why another campaign would do the trick? It's because we reach the right people at the right time. We personalize the message, we warm up any potential employee and only when this person is ready, we just make sure that we drive the traffic to you application form. It's not about making sure that the candidate saw our job listing. It's about making sure that the candidate will want to apply.

Great to see you here! 

We literally couldn't be happier that you read (or scrolled through) the entire page we wrote on Recruitment Marketing. Now there's nothing stopping you from contacting us and finding out what creative ideas we've got planned for your business. Fill the simple form below and before you know it, we'll get back to you with detailed answers on all your questions.