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Are you ready to take your Facebook advertising game to the next level?

Our team of Facebook wizards will help you create ads that will make your competition green with envy and leave your customers in awe. 

As a result, you'll increase your brand awareness and drive more sales. Let's give your business the Facebook boost it needs and help you dominate the social media advertising world.


Facebook Ads
Why use Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads has a lot to offer. Considering the number of the site’s users, your potential customers must be among them. Depending on the type of business, you may be able to increase your online sales or get more leads. The Ads are aimed both at people selling goods and offering various services. Apart from global campaigns, the tool allows for a local promotion – this is particularly important when running a physical shop or office. Since over 96% of users connect to Facebook through mobile devices, the possibility of placing adverts on Facebook partners’ apps is also appealing. Apart from targeting new customers, the system also offers advanced remarketing options that can help you reach customers who have already interacted with your site.

Where can you place Facebook ads?

Even though the name Facebook Ads suggests that you can publish your advertisement only on one platform, the interface offers many more possibilities. While creating your campaign, you can make your ads appear on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and the so-called Audience Network, consisting of thousands of high-quality apps. Your ad placements separate into seven categories that we will now explore.


You may display your ads to people who scroll through their mobile feeds and inbox. You can also screen your message in various places on Facebook and outside it. These include Facebook's main news feed, right column, video feed, Facebook Marketplace, Messenger Inbox, Instagram feed, and Instagram Explore. 


If you browse through stories, you have probably noticed that you can also see many ads apart from videos and photos posted by your friends. Since this type of ad appears in the form of a full-screen video or picture displayed for a limited time, it requires unique and eye-catching content.


Another category includes in-stream advertisements that appear in videos and some live streams published on Facebook, excluding those from news, government, and spiritual partners. Your ad may pop up before, during, or after the video content in this form of promotion. 


You may also place your adverts in Facebook and Facebook Marketplace search results. This solution targets customers who seek your products or services. How does it work? If a customer's query on Facebook matches your business, the link to your profile is on the top of the page.


This is one of the most unusual ways to remind your customers of your existence, yet, treated by some as harassment; never to be overused. Advertisements of this type let your ads appear as messages sent to people who previously contacted you via Messenger. 


When you scroll down your feed page, you may realize how many Facebook users share internal links. Your mobile app redirects you to a particular browser called Instant Articles when you click on it. This is yet another place where you can place your ads. 

Internal apps

Promotion in Audience Network allows your ads to be displayed in two ways: as rewarded videos (people watch them and get a reward in the app) and a banner, interstitial, and native ads.

What are the biggest challenges?

Many settings and types of promotion can overwhelm every beginner. The proper configuration of the Facebook Pixel only may be a great challenge, yet, it is a must if you want to analyze the profitability of your campaign. Remember that Facebook Ads may also be displayed on Instagram, so if you're using this function, you also need to be present in this medium. Each type of ad has its requirements in terms of content and volume. Sometimes, for different campaign types, you will need the same advertisement but in various sizes. The preparation of such diverse content is time-consuming, and if you do it on your own, no one can guarantee that you will achieve your goals.

WHY digiffic?

Whether you want to launch your Facebook campaign or you’re not satisfied with your current advertisements, we are here to help you. Our marketing company has worked on numerous projects for different companies, software houses, and start-ups. We exactly know what to do to succeed and multiply your income through online advertisements. We will carefully plan each stage of the work right from the onset of our cooperation. Thanks to clearly set goals, we always know what to do. Many years of experience on the market have helped us to develop methods to create engaging content that generates leads and gets lots of Facebook likes and reactions. Our team, composed of both Facebook Ads specialists as well as creative content writers, and graphic designers, can always help you prepare your ads and manage them. Should you have any questions, contact us – we will be delighted to help you.

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