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Facebook can be called the king of all social media platforms, hands down. With an average of 2.5 billion users, including 1.73 billion people who visit the site on a daily basis, it has become one of the most powerful advertising tools, usually compared to Google. The possibility to reach such a huge audience tempts advertisers from all over the world. Is it worth the effort? What can Facebook Ads offer you? Can you manage your campaign on your own?

Facebook Ads – numbers and statistics

Since its establishment in 2004, Facebook has managed to dominate the social media market. Its audience includes people of numerous continents, cultures and languages. Although at the beginning Facebook was aimed mainly at young people – teenagers and students, today it is widely spread also among older people. Statistics prove that over a third of all the users is over 35 years old. With such a diverse user structure, Facebook has become a place where advertisers can easily target their audience. It is no wonder that each quarter Facebook advertising revenue is close to $ 20 billion! Every year more and more business owners take up the decision to use Facebook Pages. The number of business users in 2018 exceeded 80 million. The importance of Facebook Ads is undeniable, as evidenced by over 86 percent of US marketers who use this powerful tool.

Why use Facebook Ads?

If you want to promote your business on-line, Facebook Ads has a lot to offer. Taking the number of the site’s users worldwide into consideration, your potential customers must be found among them. There are many options for promotion available on Facebook. Depending on the type of business, you may be able to increase your online sales or get more leads. The Ads are aimed both at people selling goods as well as offering various services. Apart from global campaigns targeting huge clientele, the tool allows for a local promotion – this is particularly important when you run a physical shop or office. Since over 96% of users connect to Facebook through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, the possibility to place adverts on Facebook partners’ apps is also appealing. Apart from targeting new customers, the system also offers the advanced remarketing options that can help you reach customers who have already interacted with your site some time earlier.

Where can my Facebook Ads be placed?

Even though the name of Facebook Ads suggests that your advertisement can be published only on one platform, the interface offers many more possibilities. While creating your campaign, you can make your ads appear on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and the so-called Audience Network that consists of thousands of high-quality apps. In general, your ads placements can be divided into seven categories that we will now focus on.


Your ads may be displayed to people who scroll through their mobile feeds and inbox. You have a possibility to screen your message in various places on Facebook and outside it. These include: Facebook main news feed, right column, and video feed, Facebook Marketplace, Messenger Inbox, Instagram feed and Instagram Explore.


If you browse through stories, you have probably noticed that apart from videos and photos posted by your friends, you can also see many advertisements. Since this type of ad appears in the form of a full-screen video or picture that is displayed for a limited time, it requires distinctive and eye-catching content that should be well-thought through.


Another category includes in-stream advertisements that appear in videos and some live streams published on Facebook, excluding those from news, government and spiritual partners. In this form of promotion, your ad may appear before, during, or after the video content.


You may also place your adverts in Facebook and Facebook Marketplace search results. This solution is targeted at customers who seek your products or services. How does it work? When a customer looks for a particular thing on Facebook that matches your business, the link to your profile is on the top of the page.


This is one of the most noteworthy ways to remind your customers of your existence, yet, treated by some as harassment, they should never be overused. Advertisements of this type let your ads appear as messages sent to people who previously contacted you via Messenger.


When you scroll down your feed page, you may rapidly realise how many Facebook users share internal links. When you click on it, your mobile app redirects you to a special browser called Instant Articles. This is yet another place where you can place your ads.

Internal apps

Promotion in Audience Network allows your ads to be displayed in two following ways: as rewarded videos (people watch them to obtain a reward in the app) as well as banner, interstitial, and native ads.

Creating Facebook Ads from a Facebook Page

If your adventure with Facebook Ads is just about to begin and you would like to try to promote your business on your own, try creating your very first advertisement from a Facebook Page. For this purpose, you will obviously need to launch a business page and fill it with content. When it is done and you feel ready to boost the visibility of your page, choose one of the available promotion options. The most popular ones include ads based on text, images, videos or slideshows. For some particular advert types, you may also be able to add a call-to-action button such as Shop now or Send us a message. Although the system interface itself is really intuitive, you can encounter some problems in going through all the steps. This may concern, among others, choosing your audience and setting advertisement costs.

Creating Facebook Ads from Facebook Manager

Apart from creating your ads directly on your Facebook page, the service offers a complex solution that can be used to manage all your campaigns within Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network in one place. The tool is called Ads Manager and it allows you to create, modify and boost promotion on the three following levels: individual ads, sets of ads and campaigns. The platform offers a variety of different options and statistics needed to analyse the performance of your campaigns. This can help you track your results and make the most of your advertisements. To synchronise the results of ads with your website’s visibility you will need Facebook Pixel. This is a short piece of code that you put on your website so Facebook Ads can detect how many users found your site on Facebook and what they did there, e.g. check if they purchased some goods or just browsed through the content. The effects of campaigns using Pixel can be also found within Facebook Manager.

Facebook Ads – the biggest challenges

Numerous settings and types of promotion can overwhelm each beginner. The proper configuration of the Facebook Pixel only may be a great challenge, yet, it is a must if you want to analyse the profitability of your campaign. Remember that Facebook Ads may also be displayed on Instagram, so if you want to use this function, you also need to be present in this medium. Each type of the ad has its own requirements in terms of content and its volume. Sometimes for the purpose of different campaign types, you will need the same advertisement but in different sizes. The preparation of such diverse content is time-consuming and if you do it on your own, no one can guarantee that you will achieve your goals.

Do I need help in running my Facebook Ads?

The basic Facebook Ads interface available from your business page is really affordable. While creating your campaign, Facebook asks you some questions that automatically refer you to the type of ads you need. However, problems may arise in the subsequent stages. You have to prepare content that will be well-optimized and catchy for a majority of advertisements. Writing even a few snappy sentences may take long hours if you are not experienced in marketing. Preparing the content is only one of the stages. After that you need to indicate your audience and specify the cost of the campaign. It requires a careful examination of the market and current trends. This can’t be done in just one day.

Work with us – Facebook Ads Agency

If you want to launch your Facebook campaign or you’re not satisfied with your current advertisements, we are here to help you. Our marketing company has worked on numerous projects for different companies, software houses and start-ups. We know exactly what to do to succeed and multiply your income through online advertisements. We will carefully plan each stage of the works right from the onset of our cooperation. Thanks to clearly set goals, we always know what to do. Many years of experience on the market have helped us to develop methods to create content that generates leads and gets lots of Facebook likes and reactions. Our team composed of both Facebook Ads specialists as well as creative content writers, and graphic designers can always help you prepare your ads and manage them. Should you have any questions, please contact us – we will be delighted to help you.

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Reaching your audience

In order to verify whether your audience is interested in your products we start a campaign to maximize their reach. Basing on interactions with it, we use remarketing to guarantee the highest ROI.


A/B testing

Different adsets work on different people. To help you save the money, we need to determine which ads are the most effective and what really influences your audience. We’ll use that knowledge to improve our campaigns’ performance.

Conversion Optimization

At this stage we know exactly where, how and whom we should show our ads to provide the highest Conversion Rate. Thanks to A/B testing we decrease the cost of each conversion and increase the volume of such events.

Warming up active users

To make sure that after visiting your website users will get closer to conversion, we analyze the traffic and take further actions to maintain high Conversion Rate.

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