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We're your Growth Team.

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This is not another boring "about us" page.

Over the years, we’ve helped many startups and companies listed on Forbes 500 list. Our heart is in the tech industry, but we have experience in working with pharmaceutical businesses, banking marketplaces, insurance, travel or education sectors. We don’t see our clients’ companies as small, medium or large. We see potential that has to be revealed.

Our team, specialized in PPC marketing, lead generation, conversion rate optimization, SEO, marketing and sales automation and Growth Hacking, treats every project like a challenge. Always focusing on results and brainstorming to come up with creative solutions, we are doing our best to make sure that you are always one step ahead of competitors.


Our Values

What makes us unique?

"We're not like any other marketing agency" — said everyone who works at any marketing agency. When others just say it, we show you why we're different.

We're transparent.

There's no hiding behind know-how. You know exactly why our visuals look the way they look, why we decided to use specific approach when it comes to targeting and what exactly we did when we said that we were optimizing your campaigns.

No sudden changes.

Only 1 person left us in 2020. In 2021 nobody felt like quitting their job. This means that when someone is starting to work on your accounts, this person will stay on your project as long as you'd like. With us new people won't take over your campaigns every other month. You'll have dedicated experts working with you from day one.

Live reporting.

How much did we spend on Facebook Ads? What's the conversion cost on Google Ads? And there's SEO are we increasing or decreasing there? We know that it may be difficult to keep track of everything. This is why we provide you a personalized Google Data Studio Dashboard updated 24/7, at the end of each month we send you a detailed summary with everything we did and we're always available to jump on a call with you to answer all your questions.

No deals with the devil allowed.

Some agencies will ask you to sign a contract for 12-months or with a 3-months notice period. It won't fly with us. We have so much confidence for our work, that we sign contracts with 1-month notice period. 

Meet the team 



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Content & Social Media Expert

How it all started?

We may be a young company,

but we have a long history.


August 2018. We had several clients at this point. Suddenly, we started taking care of Facebook & Google Ads for Microsoft in Central Europe. We were responsible for Azure product line and that was our first major project. We're still not sure how this happened.

2019. That was a very intense year. We were responsible for more projects in tech area than we can count (and some NDAs still forbid us to even think about them). At this moment we gained a solid know-how on high-tech products and services and how to sell them online.

August 2020. The first person joined Digiffic. We no longer were one-man operation. Shortly after that happened, another team member started coming to the office, and then another one. At this point it all started looking like a regular company.


December 2017. We were founded. As a small, one-man operation. Located in our CEO’s living room. Back then we were called 3CityWeb.pl. What you see above is our logo from those times.

September 2018. We started helping companies in Canada, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. It was time for us to expand a bit and start running campaigns worldwide. Now we can tell that it was a good shot.

March 2020. It's official – we became Digiffic.com. If you wonder why we picked this name, let us help you: it's a mix of "Digital" and "Traffic". You know, because we drive the traffic that buys on your website and we do that with digital marketing. At the same time we moved to a different office to feel the business vibe.

Now. We're still busy. Last time we checked, we've been helping businesses in 16 countries from all over the world. Each day we run campaigns that generate millions of impressions, thousands of clicks and hundreds of leads and transactions. We help to sell more e-commerce businesses in Canada, recruit software developers in South America, acquire business loans in Norway or sell equipment for musicians in Japan. If that's not a global operation, we don't know what is.

With all these successes, it's easy to forget

that sometimes things don't go as planned.



But it doesn't matter, because even with water leaking from the ceiling and broken furniture, we'll still deliver you results you didn't know are possible.