Our Values

A set of principles we live by.
  • We’re Transparent

    You’ll know our every trick of the trade. Other agencies keep their know-how hidden as if it were some arcane knowledge.

  • Live Reporting

    You’ll constantly be in the loop. We provide you with a personalized Google Data Studio Dashboard updated 24/7.

  • No Sudden Changes

    You’ll have a dedicated expert from day one. No chopping & changing of campaign managers.

  • No Pacts With The Devil

    You’ll have a 1-month notice period. Many agencies sign long-term commitment contracts, which are costly to break.

The Story

Do you know how Digiffic came into being? You don't? Then, sit comfortably and immerse yourself in the story which will unfold before you. It's worth the time.

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    The protagonist of this story is Sławek, who happened to have been born in the unfortunate environment, both meteorologically and economically, of northern Poland. But it didn't stop him from trying to go up in the world and make a name for himself; if anything, it hardened his resolve. For years he patiently awaited the moment to prove himself, strenuously learning and honing his skills all the while. When he finally reached the age to fly the nest, he had to face up to a whole gamut of unpleasant complications.

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    One of his first tasks was to manage a commissioned digital marketing agency. In the beginning, it seemed easy as pie until things turned really ugly… The agency in question had to provide certain services listed in their contract. What transpired shook Slawek up quite a bit. First of all, the communication was almost non-existent, apart from the occasional formulaic report. Which only proved them to be ineffective if anything else. Second of all, even though their selected strategy hadn’t been working, they were still intent on following it blindly. At that point, it was glaringly obvious, as the contract had been signed for one year, that the agency was trying to tap the other party for money by going the path of least resistance.

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    Ups & Downs

    Many such experiences later, fed up to the back teeth with those wretched practices, he concluded that he needed to take matters in hand and establish an agency of his own, but vastly superior. Things take time to develop and are sometimes difficult to achieve. Sławek's first steps as an independent entrepreneur weren't as worry-free as you may think. He'd just acquired his very first client when reality struck hard. As much as he was skillful, he was on his own under an unending barrage of tasks and responsibilities. Money became an issue because how long can you stay afloat with only one client when there are so many expenses like taxes, insurance, and co-working desk? Then exhaustion and sleep deprivation started slowly to creep in. Slawek's situation seemed dire.

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    All’s well that ends well.

    Just when he thought it was all over for him, Microsoft came to the rescue. This new client made a world of difference by showing a glimmer of hope exactly when needed. Thanks to Slawek’s ideals, sheer determination, and a bit of luck, he held out against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. As a man of character, he seized that chance with vim and vigor. His satisfied customer started to spread the good word about his achievements. Through hard work and a novel approach, Digiffic's fame grew so much that he needed to bring in new people. Subsequently, things became much busier. When other people heard of Slawek’s integrity, more and more businesses wanted to work with him, and then they were gratefully pushing even more clients his way. From the get-go, Slawek had but one goal, to create a work environment that he himself would like to work in and an agency that would stand out in bold relief from the sleazy agencies he had been unfortunate enough to deal with in the past. Digiffic is the living embodiment of his values.