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Google Ads


Google and its advertising services have developed significantly in recent years. Previously known as AdWords, Google Ads was rebranded in 2018. Not only did the name and logo change but so did the scope of services offered by the company. The new brand now represents a full range of campaign types including: Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and App. These can help you reach a vast number of customers using Google and its partner sites and apps.

Why do I need online advertising?

If you want your company to be visible in Google, you have at least two different ways to accomplish this. One is through the gradual development of SEO-friendly content and backlinks to your website and the other is through running an advertising campaign. Since this requires stamina combined with regularity, and its outcomes are rarely instant, the first method can be a hassle for anyone who has never had an interest in the SEO world. For the majority of companies, however, the latter may turn out to be a real global sales booster, increasing site traffic and multiplying the conversion rate from day one. Online advertising allows you to target your products and services effectively to the people that are most likely to buy them. What is more, well optimized and targeted online campaigns can give you a huge advantage over your opponents who are not willing to go online.

How does Google Ads Work?

When it comes to different advertising platforms, Google Ads is currently one of the best known and most powerful tools in the entire world. How, in the course of the last 20 years, did it manage to become a global leader reinventing the whole advertising industry? The platform offers numerous advertising types within its search engines and millions of partner sites, meaning may be seen almost everywhere on the net. At the beginning you may start with a pay-per-click campaign that is cost-effective. If Google Ads displays your advertisement and is not clicked, then you don’t have to pay for it. You will only be charged for users actually visiting your website. The system itself is free of charge and provides you with all the necessary tools to plan, create and run your own campaign such as a keyword planner and quality recommendations. Once your campaign is live, you can look through numerous statistics and check who your audience is.

Google AdWords advertising services

As you already know, Google Ads can instantly boost your sales rates. However, it is efficient only if the content is well-planned. This means that it should be attractive to your customer and mirror their expectations. If you are new to AdWords, at the beginning you may feel lost in the wide variety of different campaign types and ad targeting options. The strategy of creating random ads is not a good option to boost your online visibility and go places. You will need a compound and well-conceived approach to online advertising to succeed to the full extent of your wishes,. The ideal marketing campaign run through Google Ads should combine different promotion methods.

Search ads

One of the most frequently chosen ways to advertise your website through Google are search ads. This type of online promotion targets people who are actually interested in your products and services. Your advertisement is displayed to the user when they search for some specific terms related to your keywords. The ad may be screened on one of the following Google platforms: Google Search, Google Images, Google Shopping, Google Play and Google Maps. Search ads may be of various types: from standard textual form, through shopping ads with links to products for sale, to visual ads (in the case of partners accepting them).

Display ads

Unlike search ads, Google display ads appear directly on websites, videos and applications that belong to the Google Display Network. This type of advertisement lets you reach your end customer when they are browsing the Internet. It is not only a way to target people interested in your products and services but also to create a need for your them in the customer’s mind. Display ads allow you to engage your user with images, and visual advertising is known to be far more compelling than just regular ads based on textual content.


When your campaign is ready and on, you don’t want to forget about people who interacted with your website but never decided to make a purchase. To reach as many potential clients as possible, you may use the Google remarketing tool. This feature provides the best way to track you past visitors and remind them of you, your services and products. Remarketing ads follow them and thus powerfully increase your chances for conversion. Apart from the visitors of your website, you may also use Google remarketing to track your past visitors as well as people who interacted with your videos or YouTube channel.

Why is the content so important?

The quality of the advertised content is one the key factors determining whether the campaign is successful. If you want to beat the competition in the long term, you should start with creating quality content directly on your website. If your website is outdated, incoherent, lacks safety protocols or necessary information, the conversion is not likely to be smooth. Valuable content of the website helps Google to find out what your site is all about. It may be helpful in keyword research and smart automated Google campaigns. Well-developed website content combined with attractive and eye-catching ads may turn out to be the best opportunity to move your clients down the sales funnel.     

Google AdWords (Ads) vs Facebook Advertising – which one should you choose?

If you are just at the start of your digital advertising journey, you may be wondering what is the place to gain popularity online. Many companies choose active marketing based on different channels. One of the most popular alternatives to Google Ads is Facebook Advertising. This is a paid social that helps users find products and services in a very efficient way. The process of matching a potential customer with an advertisement is based on the things they are really interested in. The basic difference between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads is that in the latter it is the ad that searches for the audience and not a user looking for something specific. Are we able to say which of these two platforms is better? Not necessarily. It all depends on your target audience and their needs. The quality of the displayed content is also of essential importance.

Do I need assistance in running my Google Ads campaign?

Although the way Google Ads functions is really simple, you may experience numerous problems in using it from the very beginning. If you want your campaign to be powerful and profitable, you need to tailor it to your clients’ preferences. As far as the content to be screened is concerned, you need to find a way to reach a particular group of internet users. At this stage you will face a huge variety of challenges and risks related to different options and parameters that need to be set in the tool before the campaign begins. If you don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed by the huge selection of options, it is time to find an advertising company. Running a campaign on your own may result in a complete loss of time and money.

Google Advertising Companies – How do I choose the best one?

When you’re ready to launch your advertising campaign, it’s time for you to find a company that can help you boost sales and reach the sales targets. While looking for a new partner, don’t get fooled by the promises of spectacular income increase with no explanation on how the company intends to do so. Instead, choose an agency that can provide you with a detailed market analysis and complex marketing strategy for the future. In many instances one short conversation should be sufficient to find out whether you are dealing with a serious business partner. If the representative of a Google advertising company focuses mostly on benefits that you will receive and forgets to ask about the type of business you run and your expectations, just be careful!

Work with us – Google Advertising Agency

If you are in progress of looking for a Google Advertising Agency, we encourage you to take a closer look at what we can offer you. As an experienced marketing agency, cooperating with various service companies, software development businesses and start-ups, we offer a fully customized scope of activity. Just before the release of the campaign we carefully plan each stage of cooperation, taking both your needs and market requirements into account. We believe that solid cooperation should be based on trust and mutual understanding and that is why we always try to get to know our customers and their products or services as much as possible. The release of a new campaign is just a starting point for us. Our activities also include continuous optimization, the monitoring of competitors and the adjustment of the adverts to the competitors’ marketing strategies, comprehensive ROI analysis and much more.

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Thorough research

Before we even start drafting a campaign we need to understand how your company works, get to know your customers, your current sales flow and the keywords that may generate sales. With that knowledge we will be able to pick the right course of action.


Conversion Optimization

Thanks to A/B tests we’re able to find out what exactly influences your audience and make potential customers take a closer look at what you offer. Thanks to constant optimization we can not only decrease the cost of conversion, but also increase the volume of transactions.

Precise targeting

You want to show your ads only to those people who one day may become your customers – we understand it perfectly. This is why we focus on targeting our campaigns as precisely as possible – through researching the demographics, gathering information on what people do online and including big data to focus on people with the right purchase intent.

Funnel setup

Each product is unique and has to be offered in a way that affects your potential customers. Our campaigns are always built around a complex funnel to make sure your customers interact with your ads when they start thinking about a product like yours, as well as when they consider buying it and then when they search for the best offer. It’s our job to reach your customers at the right time.

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