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PPC Campaigns


The possibilities of online marketing are constantly growing so today’s ads can offer you a lot more than it did just a few years back. One of the most common types of on-line promotion are PPC campaigns that are known to instantly generate traffic and increase the conversion rate of the business. What types of PPC campaigns are the most popular worldwide? Is it worth introducing them to your company? Can you run the PPC campaigns on your own?

Pay-per-click marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the most popular types of on-line advertising all around the world. It is used to drive traffic to websites through ads appearing in different channels. In PPC marketing, an advertiser pays for the number of clicks the advertisement generated, hence the term pay-per-click. This type of marketing usually brings in immediate results and helps advertisers improve their website’s visibility, generating more valuable traffic. The ads are able to target huge groups of clients looking for different products and services. Apart from giving new leads, PPC campaigns are able to track previous visitors of the website through remarketing.

Types of PPC campaigns

The most popular PPC campaigns providers compete with one another in launching new, original types of paid ads. However, the ones most frequently chosen by advertisers are still the most standard ad types. Let’s now focus on some of the most common PPC ads. They include:

  • Search ads. This type of PPC advertising refers to ads that you can display using search engines. They appear in search results and you can usually see them at the top or at the bottom of the page. In Google, they are always marked with “Ad” sign so you can easily see that the advertiser paid for them to be displayed. The ads are text-based and do not contain any visuals. To create search ads, you need to choose your keywords and set your maximum bid, which is the maximum amount of money you can spend when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Display ads. PPC campaigns also include so-called display ads which typically include a picture or a photo combined with a text. These ads may appear in different channels depending on the service provider. This type of ad is intended to target specific groups of people. The procedure of launching display ads is similar to search ads and requires uploading your content and setting bids. Remember that your visual adverts should strictly follow the requirements given by the service provider.
  • Social ads. PPC social media ads can be displayed on numerous social platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest. To get the best results of such campaigns, you will need to find the platform where your potential clients are present. The most evident choice is usually Facebook and Instagram, but in some specific cases other social media may also be of huge importance.
  • Remarketing ads. This type of PPC advertising is used to reunite you with the former visitors of your website. It is targeted at people who already visited your website in the past but didn’t make any purchases. The remarketing ads prevent you from losing a lead and give you the opportunity to reengage with your audience. Using this type of PPC campaign requires placing a special code on your website, known as a tracking pixel.
  • Shopping ads. Another interesting way to promote your business is to use shopping ads. The most popular provider of such a service is Google Shopping. Ads created with the help of Google are intended for online stores offering different products. The advertised items appear above the organic search results and contain product photos, prices, the name of your company, etc.
  • Local Ads. Local Service Ads are made for local business owners that want to gain new customers living close by. They are a quick way to connect with potential customers looking for some specific services. This type of PPC campaign guarantees high-quality leads. The advertiser pays only when a customer gets in touch with through the ad.

The most popular PPC campaign providers

Once you know what the most common types of PPC campaigns are, let us now have a glance at the most popular campaign providers. These include both popular social media platforms as well as search engines and shopping platforms.

  • GOOGLE ADS – This is one of the most powerful tools to make your products and services popular. The display ads you create may be screened in the following Google platforms: Google Search, Google Images, Google Shopping, Google Play and Google Maps. You may also publish display ads that appear on websites, videos and applications within the Google Display Network.
  • FACEBOOK ADS – This advertising platform allows you to promote your business directly on Facebook and outside it. Your ads may be also visible in Messenger, Instagram and the so-called Audience Network. The latter consists of thousands of different apps targeted at various social groups.
  • AMAZON ADVERTISING – With the growing popularity of Amazon on different markets, the Amazon Advertising platform has now become one of the most common ways to advertise products on an international market. The service is available in different countries and similarly to Google, offers both search and display ads. With Amazon Advertising, you can create, among others, sponsored products ads, headline search ads and display ads.
  • MICROSOFT ADVERTISING – This type of PPC advertising, previously known as Bing ads, offers different types of PPC campaigns that are displayed within the Microsoft Search Network including, and as well as sites owned and operated by these portals.

The biggest advantages of PPC campaigns?

The pay-per-click campaigns are one of the most effective and rapid ways to target customers. As we have shown above, they offer many possibilities of advertisements in different forms and on different channels, including text-based and visual ads. Using PPC ads, you always pay for the results that you can easily control. You may set bids and check if the goals of your campaign are met. Detailed statistics given by the service providers help you precisely calculate conversion rates and control the outcomes of your campaigns. What is more, you have the opportunity to test different interface features, adjust and optimize your campaigns when needed. You may target both large and narrow audiences that can be precisely specified. For instance, you can direct your PPC campaign to people using desktop or mobile versions of your site.

Is running my own PPC campaign simple?

Although the majority of the PPC ads providers offer detailed guides for beginners, running your own marketing campaign is not that simple. Firstly, you need to have detailed knowledge concerning the market and your competitors. To beat them through PPC campaigns you should create ads that stand out and are eye-catching. In the case of search ads, you will need catchy and well-optimized slogans while in the case of display ads – interesting graphics and photos are a must. You should also know what the average cost of clicks for your product category should be to avoid spending unreasonably high amounts of money on your campaigns. There are of course some tools that can help you fix the maximum bid, but the best of them are paid solutions.

Choose us – how can you benefit from using our help?

The old agade says practice makes perfect. This is also true for running PPC campaigns – the more campaigns you manage, the easier it is for you to foresee the effects of advertising and tailor the camping to your needs. As an experienced marketing agency, we have run tens of PPC ads for our clients from all around the world. Our mission is not only to generate traffic for your website, but also to attract customers that are likely to convert. This includes the identification of your audience and optimization. Apart from launching new ads, we consistently update the existing campaigns to boost sales results. For this purpose, we analyze traffic and fix the bottleneck your ads are facing. All these actions allow us to multiply your conversion rates within a short period of time, with the maximum reduction of cost incurred for your PPC ads.

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Thorough research

Before we even start drafting a campaign, we need to understand how your company works, get to know your customers, your current sales flow and the keywords that may generate sales. With that knowledge we will be able to pick the right course of action.

Conversion Optimization

Thanks to A/B tests we’re able to find out what exactly influences your audience and make potential customers take a closer look at what you offer. Thanks to constant optimization we can not only decrease the cost of conversion, but also increase the volume of transactions.


Precise targeting

You want to show your ads only to those people who one day may become your customers – we understand it perfectly. This is why we focus on targeting our campaigns as precisely as possible – through researching the demographics, gathering information on what people do online and including big data to focus on people with the right purchase intent.

Funnel setup

Each product is unique and has to be offered in a way that affects your potential customers. Our campaigns are always built around a complex funnel to make sure your customers interact with your ads when they start thinking about a product like yours, as well as when they consider buying it and then when they search for the best offer. It’s our job to reach your customers at the right time.

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