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Work on challenging projects as a digital marketing freelancer

Focus on what you do best and take advantage of your skills to grow businesses from all over the world. At the same time we will take care of client acquisition, Project Management and business related aspects of working on a project. 

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Focus on your area of expertise instead of chasing new business

Research shows that the largest issues for digital marketing freelancers are the uncertainty of tomorrow and searching for new clients. As an expert in digital marketing, you shouldn't have to worry about having enough projects. Your main goal should be to provide the highest quality service possible. And we are allowing you to do exactly that.

Never worry about new clients

Hours spent on browsing Upwork, or Fiverr are hours you never get back. And these are hours nobody pays you for. Never again - we'll acquire leads, close deals and you just have to accept your availbility to join the project.

Steer your career the way you'd like

Freelancers often feel like they are forced to take any job there is. Sometimes it's below their financial expectations, sometimes it's a project in a niche that doesn't interest them. It won't fly with us - we will not make you work on a project you don't want to.

We've got you covered

You are an independent freelancer, but supported with our infrastructure. This includes designers, copywriters, finance. You won't have to worry that the client asked you for a service you can't provide or you'll never have to deal with debt collection for unpaid invoices. It's why you have us.

Flexibility at its finest

We don't mind if you can only work with us 10 hours a week. We'll also be happy if you can invest 40 hours a week of your time. It's up to you whether you prefer to treat us as an alternative for your freelance business or focus your career entirely on cooperation with us. We'll be happy to have you either way.

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Keep your independence      Take advantage of our network

We understand that these days professionals often prefer to work on their own terms and it doesn't only mean remote work - it's a standard now. The independence means the ability to pick projects you'd like to work on, hours you're most productive or the way you want to develop your skills.

Full-time employment in-house isn't for everyone, we get that, but what if you could combine flexibility that comes with freelancing with a permanent employment stability and sense of security? This is exactly how working on Digiffic Talent Marketplace looks like.

Find out how simple it is to join our team!

We created Digiffic Talent Marketplace in response to rapid changes on labour market all around the globe. We don't want to make you to stick with one company for years, if you don't want to.

Our goal is to create you an opportunity to flexible work environment that will expand your skills, marketing knowledge and experience - the way you like, on your own terms.


Apply for a role

Submit our application form and we'll get back to you to determine how we can work together. 


Go through skills assessment

To make sure that only top freelancers join Digiffic Talent Marketplace, we need to verify your skills and experience. It could be a simple task or an online interview.


Negotiate your salary, tell us about your availability and take over new projects

We'd like you to be happy with your compensation and terms of our cooperation. This is why we always do our best to pay you fairly. After the contract is signed, nothing stops you from starting to work on your projects.

Still not convinced we're the right choice?

We're looking for freelance digital marketing experts to work with us on challenging and international projects

We're looking for you if you feel confident with Google Ads, paid social, SEO, content creation, marketing automation or graphic design.


How does it work?

Instead of becoming our full-time employee, you can work with us on a project basis. You'll get paid for each hour spent working for our clients. You'll still be an independent freelancer, but instead of dividing your time between an actual work and client acquisition, Project Management or dealing with financial aspects - you will have an opportunity to take advantage of your skills to drive growth for our clients.

Do you provide insurance or pay my social security taxes?

No. We do all that for our employees. If you're interested in joining us full-time, please check our carrers page. Our freelance partners are expected to run their own businesses and manage taxes and administrative work on their own.

What if I don't like the project you offered me?

There's nothing wrong with the fact that you have your favourite industries or that you'd like to work on campaigns in specific markets. If you feel like the project we wanted you to join is not for you, then we will just assign somebody else. We do our best to deliver you projects that meet your expectations.

Can I work with you on weekends or after my 9 to 5 job?

As long as you still feel productive - we don't mind, but we prefer to work with full-time freelancers. We don't want to make you work long hours, but we also need you to run a business so we can pay for your services. Keep in mind that you won't be on our payroll, you'll be an external contractor.

What about vacation, holidays or sick leave?

Since you'll be working with us on a project basis, we won't be able to pay you for your vacation days or during public holidays, but if you need some time off work, please let us know at least 7 days before your vacation so we can let our clients know about your absence. In case you have health issues, please contact us as soon as you'll know that you won't be able to work on your projects.

Do you require any tracking software on my computer?

No. When you're assigned on a project, we let you know how many hours the client expects you to work on it. If you let us know that you require more hours, please tell us before you go beyond agreed upon time frame so we can discuss that with the client. 

What if I want to work on my own projects?

That's perfectly fine. You don't have to work with us on a full-time basis. You're an independent freelancer so you can have other projects. We may need to know whether there may be a conflict of interests when we offer you a project, but besides that, you're free to work on anything you'd like.

Submit the form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can


We'll review your resume to determine whether we can offer you an assignment that would fit your skills. If we currently have a project that would be perfect for you, we'll contact you to assess your skills and make sure that we're a fit. If we're both happy with the outcome, we'll be glad to discuss your compensation and expectations. The entire process (including signing a contract) should take no more than 2 weeks. After that time you're free to start working on projects you selected.

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