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SEO Consulting

If you run your own business online, you have probably heard about SEO and website positioning. But do you really know what this is and if you really need it in your company? What can you do to improve your website visibility? Can you do it on your own or should you hire a professional company to take care of SEO for you?

Search Engine Optimization – what is it?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. Although the name itself may seem mysterious at first, it simply relates to the process of optimizing your website to get more traffic from search engine results. Yet, it is something much more than just that. SEO can also be used to increase your website visibility from other search channels, e.g. Yahoo, Bing, YouTube or even Amazon. The optimization involves making certain changes to your website content and design to make your pages more attractive to visitors. As a result, they get higher search engine ranks and are easier to find.

How does a search engine really work?

Now you know what the SEO acronym stands for. Let’s move to some practical aspects. Have you ever wondered how a search engine works? It uses bots to crawl pages on the web to collect and store information from different websites. The bots go from site to site and analyze website content all the time, taking hundreds of factors into consideration. The purpose of such a study is to determine which of the existing pages should appear in the search engine results for relevant searches. The search engine takes into consideration, firstly, on-site factors such as content, architecture and codes and well as off-site factors such as links to the website, recommendations and reviews. A well-optimized website that ranks high in Google and other search engines should combine all these elements.

How to build a SEO-friendly website?

If you are new to SEO or you just want to expand your knowledge on the topic, focus firstly on different factors that search engine bots analyze and ways to improve it on your own. They may be divided into the following:

  • Well-optimized content. Work on content that supplies demands of visitors. Avoid empty rhetoric and focus on their real needs. Include relevant keywords in your texts, divide them into headings and remember that your content should be linkable (use links to redirect your visitor to other parts of your website but be careful not to overdo it!).
  • URL structure and meta descriptions. Ensure all of your subpages have proper meta titles and meta descriptions, and the structure of your URLs is simple and easy to follow by a robot.
  • Pictures and photos with keywords. If your website also includes some graphic elements, remember that all of them should have keywords in the ALT descriptions.
  • Target customer needs. This is one of the hardest steps in improving your website ranking. Try to anticipate your visitor’s expectations. The more attractive your site becomes, the more users will visit it.
  • Be active on and off site. Update your website content and act as an expert also in other channels. Create blog posts that answer your customers’ questions and be present in social media and on forums.
  • Mobile-friendly site. Each year the number of people using mobile phones to browse through the Internet is increasing. In today’s world a functional mobile site or an app are a real must.
    Responsive web design. Remember that your site should be responsive, i.e. properly visible on each desktop, smartphone and tablet.
  • And many, many more!

Avoid Common SEO Mistakes

Well done SEO for ecommerce activities allow you to increase the visibility of the page in the search engine. However, it is very easy to make a mistake that will affect the decrease in the search list. The most common mistakes include:

  • complicated page structure;
  • lack of the content on your website;
  • lack of product search engine on the site;
  • duplicate content;
  • keywords incorrectly used;
  • content that does not match your user;

The advantages of the SEO marketing

Choosing SEO as a marketing strategy for your website is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it can help you generate high quality traffic on your website. Thanks to SEO, your potential customers can easily find you e.g. through helpful information you post. You don’t have to look for them – they will find you by themselves. What is more, choosing SEO marketing is much more cost-effective that ads. Introducing changes in your website and creating content is an investment for years. Once created, your website texts will always be there. Additionally, statistics show that SEO gets more clicks than paid campaigns. If your content is varied, then you may be visible in numerous results for different searches. SEO can also make you more popular than your competitors. It is the best way to move ahead of the rivals that do not care about their sites.

Good SEO starts with a comprehensive analysis

SEO-based marketing should never be spontaneous. Of course, at the beginning of your optimization activities, you may fix some website bugs and correct what needs to be changed, but after that you should follow a certain marketing plan. Creating an effective SEO strategy is not simple and requires extended knowledge and experience. It should be preceded by a detailed website audit that includes, first and foremost, changes that need to be done within the website, the analysis of the market and main competitors, suggestions for future content, link-building, etc. To conduct such a study, you will need to use special SEO tools that are full of advanced features. Unfortunately, most of them are paid – the free versions allow only for a basic analysis.

Do I need a SEO company to boost my visibility on-line?

Once you know what SEO is and how it works, you will need to find someone to help you with your website optimization. The market is full of different companies and freelancers who are be willing to optimize your website. But be careful! Choose only reliable partners that can present you a portfolio of projects they worked on. Avoid companies that are new to the market and freelancers who are just at the beginning of their career. The best choice would be to hire a SEO company that has many years of experience. Such a company will not only introduce changes to the architecture and content of your website, but will also work off-site to boost your global visibility. What is more, a professional company will have access to various paid tools that will provide you with a market and website analysis.

Cooperation with a SEO company – what to expect?

If you want to hire a SEO company, don’t expect instant results that will pop up in one or two weeks. Remember that website optimization is a long-term process that gives you benefits gradually. You should receive a comprehensive analysis and a detailed schedule of work at the beginning of your cooperation with a SEO company. Once you accept it, the company starts optimizing your site. Depending on your needs, it can give you suggestions on what to change or change it for you. The same applies to content – the company can give you some tips regarding content that should be written or create new texts for you. The SEO agency will also work on link-building and your corporate image online. However, you should keep in mind that SEO is not all about texts and links. It is also much more technical. Good SEO requires constant keyword tracking and other activities that will help you get higher rankings.

Work with us – experienced SEO agency

Many years of experience on an international market allowed us to develop SEO strategies for companies from different regions and sectors. Our priority is not to increase global website traffic, but to develop quality traffic resulting in new leads and conversions. While planning a SEO strategy, we always take the target audience and their needs into account. We search and focus on keywords that can improve your sales potential. Our primary goal is to boost the company’s profitability so our actions are intended at a high purchase intent keyword search. We know that SEO is frequently the first step in the conversion funnel so we also do everything we can to make your site more user-friendly and attractive so the visitors will browse it for some time. We believe that the individual approach to you, your business and the offered products is the key to success on the stiff SEO market.

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We learn your needs

The very first step is learning your business. What does your sales funnel look like? What does usually drive customers to your website? What strategy do your competitors have? We audit, we analyze, we compare. Only after we have gathered enough information to understand in what direction we should go – can we start working on your SEO.

We optimize your website

We take care of your meta titles and meta descriptions, we compress media, add alt tags, work on the code and the server to make sure your website works as fast as possible. Trust us, we’ll have an exhaustive to-do list, thanks to which your site’s performance will improve drastically.


We add valuable backlinks to your website

To make sure that Google’s algorithms “trust” your domain, we need to ascertain that your website can be accessed through multiple links. They all look natural, are diversified and – what’s most important – come from valuable sources. No shady discussion boards or blogs. Only high-quality backlinks from relevant places.

We never stop

Can you imagine someone saying, “No, I don’t need SEO anymore. I have enough customers and enough money”? Of course not. There is always a way to make your website more popular, more visible and more profitable. That’s why we will keep experimenting, testing and optimizing – everything to make sure that your business grows at all times.

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