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The creation of mobile application is just the first step to success. Once it is ready, you need to put it on an application platform so users can download it as well as advertise it in different channels. Advertising is known to be one of the best ways to make your app popular. What are the easiest and the most effective ways to popularize apps? What else can you do to get more downloads and active users?

A few words about mobile apps

The number of smartphone users is increasing each year and so is the number of app downloads. It is estimated that the market will soon reach as many as 7 billion users worldwide. In 2019, an average adult from the U.S. spent almost 4 hours a day on mobile devices, browsing the Internet or using social media and other mobile apps. The numbers speak for themselves – the market of mobile apps is powerful and develops all the time. There is still much space for new apps intended for people of different ages. Both games and useful apps are welcomed.

What to take into consideration while creating an app?

An ideal mobile app should meet at least a few requirements. Firstly, it has to be fast and responsive so every user, regardless of the type of smartphone they have, can use it without limitations. What is more, an app should perform well and be free from bugs. Statistics prove that over two thirds of apps that crash are uninstalled, and the majority of bugs are reported on iOS devices. Almost half of all the errors are found by users, not the app developers. Many apps therefore need more time for testing before the release. Poor experience with apps may affect the user’s opinion of the brand, so it is essential to deliver an app that performs and looks good as well as gives users what they expect and need.

Mobile App Marketing – what is it?

Once your app is ready, you need to target your customers. If you have already had a site with a big number of active users, e.g. a popular online shop, then for many of them downloading your app can be natural. It will facilitate shopping and help your customers browse through products. However, the problem may occur if your application is not connected with any frequently visited site. In such a case, you need to start from scratch. This is when mobile app marketing comes to help you – this is a set of advertising practices used to gain and activate users. In general, the mobile app marketing has three basic aims:

  1. To convince people to download and install your app.
  2. To convince users to interact with your app.
  3. To convince users to use your app regularly.

Types of app stores

The first step to gaining popularity is to make your app visible in mobile app stores. Apart from Google Play – the most popular store for Android users and App Store for iOS users your app may also be downloaded from smaller shops. Which of them are worth considering?

  • Google Play – opened in 2008, it was one of the first mobile app stores worldwide. Today it offers a few millions of apps for Android users. It has a powerful search engine that makes finding apps simple. What is more, the applications may be rated by users and bugs may be reported.
  • App Store – This platform is made for all iOS users, and its features are similar to Google Play. It offers apps for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, Apple TV and other devices and systems by Apple.
  • Huawei App Store, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Sony Apps – These are examples of smartphone brands that offers their own mobile app stores.
  • Amazon Appstore – this store is preinstalled on devices like Kindle Fire a Fire Phone. The Amazon Appstore can also be downloaded by all Android users.

App Store Optimization

Have you ever heard of SEO for mobiles apps? If not, you probably don’t know what app store optimization is. Let us quickly explain what you can do to get higher rankings in app stores and make users download your apps. ASO is a process that requires the understanding of your potential customer. It also involves keyword research.

The two main elements that have an impact on your application position within the app store are:

  • App title – use a title to present an important keyword to your user. Statistics prove that adding a keyword to the title can increase your app ranking by over 10%.
  • Description – To improve search rankings, you need to write a description that is full of popular keywords users search for. This is the best way to target your audience. The text should present the features of your app as well as its main advantages. It should also give the idea what we can do with the app.

Why is ASO so important?

Mobile apps with good ASO are usually much more visible in app stores, which directly influences the number of downloads and ratings. Apps with more users usually rank higher and become more competitive. However, in order to defend their position, constant optimization is necessary. The ASO process needs to be controlled and adjusted. Sometimes, the update of descriptions and keywords is necessary. Over time, the app may also evolve – such changes in the structure and features of the application should be pointed out in the app description. Effective ASO involves tracking the competition, testing, and experimenting. It takes time but, in the long run, it may turn out to be very effective.

Advertising your mobile app – paid ads

Apart from ASO, you may also advertise your mobile app in different channels. It is the easiest way to instantly increase the number of downloads. The most popular way to do this is through Google Ads. The aim of such campaigns is to get more installs and interactions for your app. With the so-called Google App campaign tool, you can promote your Android and iOS apps on and off Google. They can show up on Google Search or be displayed on YouTube, Google Play as well as Google Search and Display Networks. It means that your apps can reach almost each part of the Internet and target millions of users across the world. If you want your app to be more visible, consider advertising it in mobile application stores other than Google Play. This is the simplest way to find users who actually are in search of an app. You can try using Apple Search Ads that are targeted at iOS users. Thanks to the platform, your app will appear on the top of App Store search results. The system is known for its high conversion rates and huge efficacy of campaigns. In its advanced versions, it allows you to set keywords, audiences, bids and budgets. Apple Search Ads offer pay-per-click campaigns.

Do I need help in promoting my mobile app?

If you already have your mobile app launched and the number of downloads and active users does not satisfy your needs, your app marketing is probably not sufficient. This is usually the case of people who promote apps by themselves, and do not have extended knowledge on popular marketing practices. In such a case, hiring an advertising company may be the best solution to break the losing streak. The company will not only run and manage paid advertisements, but also make the necessary improvements in the app descriptions so they can gain more organic traffic.

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For years, our company has been working with mobile app developers from numerous sectors. Our services include, among others, ASO and paid ads management. With tens of different aps promoted by us over recent years, we know exactly what to do to boost the visibility of your application. In our work, we use advanced tools that help us control the campaigns and reach the desired results. Our advertisements are creative and effective – we do not only configure them, but also develop the whole marketing concept for the app. If you trust us, you would certainly be satisfied with the boost of app installs and user activity!

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Reaching your audience

In order to validate whether your audience is really interested in a product you offer we start a campaign to maximise reach. Based on interactions with it we use remarketing to guarantee the highest ROI.

A/B testing

Different adsets work on different people. To help you save the money, we need to determine which ads are the most effective and what really influences your audience. We’ll use that knowledge to improve our campaigns’ performance.

Conversion Optimization

At this stage we know exactly where, how and whom we should show our ads to provide the highest Conversion Rate. Thanks to A/B testing we decrease the cost of each download and increase the volume of such downloads.

Warming up active users

To make sure that will not only install your app, but also keep using it afterwards, we’ll analyze usage traffic and take further actions to maintain high Active Users Rate.

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