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Why social media is must-have thing for any business

How to run social media profiles so that they bring more benefits to the company? Find out why they are so important in business.

Nowadays, businesses without a fan page on social media lose a lot. See why it’s important to conduct it. And how to do it properly. 

World population and their activity in social media

Published research shows us that almost 3.8 billion people in the world have profiles on social media and this number is still growing. It means that half of the population of earth is actively browsing sites and contact with each other on the Internet. 

Who’s using social media the most? Research made by Pew Research Center in 2021 on the US population clearly shows that the young adults are the most active on social media. 

  • 84% of people between 18-29 age
  • 81% of people between 30-49 age
  • 73% of people between 50-64 age
  • 45% of people between 65 or above 

So with older age, using social media is lower but still high. Another research proves that the average time of browsing social media is around 2.5 hours. This scale exhibits how digital we’ve become. And show also an interesting perspective in marketing.

Social media marketing. How does it work? 

The potential of social media has been used in marketing for a long time. When you consider the above data, it is no wonder why. After all, so many users can turn into customers for many brands. This factor has a big impact on businesses' appearance on social media. 

How does social marketing work? Very simple. The main task of a fanpage in social media is to attract users attention and publish content that will be interesting and useful for them. These activities generate more viewers, thanks to it, brands will reach the awareness of future customers.

Which social media is best for business?

You can find different social media. But one of the favorites of many people is still Facebook. This platform has almost 3 billion registered users and 2 billion of them use it every day! Data from 2019 shows that around 65 millions businesses had profiles on Facebook, but not all of them actively promoted their posts with Facebook Ads. Why is it important to do it? Thanks to it, brands can reach more users. And in the end, sell more of their products.  Popularity of this platform to make brands more visible are really invaluable. That’s why Facebook has become a precious tool in marketing. 

Other platforms are also popular, but still less than Facebook. Instagram has over 1 billion users registered. This social platform gives people a space where they can show themselves in photos. The same applies to businesses. This makes it easy to introduce products to a large number of future customers. 

Another space for business is LinkedIn – a platform where you can present a brand from the most professional site. LinkedIn has almost 700 millions users, which makes it also worth a maintenance profile of business there. 

With these social media, brands can reach a lot of people and become popular. That’s why it’s important to conduct them. But there is one more problem. How to properly conduct a fan page?  

Do it right and do it successfully

How should you run business profiles on social media? – this question is asked by many brands. First of all, several factors should be considered.

  • Frequency of publishing posts

If you want to run your company profile professionally, you can't publish too often or too rarely. The best option is to publish posts 2-3 times a week. Thanks to this, the users will not feel "overwhelmed" with the brand's posts, and they don’t forget about it.

  • Length of posts

The length of the posts is also important. Good post should be around 1000-1500 characters long. The message must be aimed directly at the reader and include the most important information. It's also worth adding a few emoticons to spice up your post. 

  • Add photos or short videos

Let's face it, the main element of a published post will not be the text itself, but the graphics or video. Therefore, you need to take care of its quality. It's best to present a catchy image and a few sentences that will encourage reading.

To put it bluntly – no company will be very successful without running social media profiles. Thanks to them, businesses can reach a big number of potential customers. If a company creates attractive content for readers based on the above-mentioned guidelines, achieving a huge reach on the Internet becomes even more possible.





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