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Why on earth would we build a website with HubSpot?

Don’t get me wrong, times when Wordpress was simply a blogging platform are long gone. You can do beautiful things with Wordpress these days.


Don’t get me wrong, times when Wordpress was simply a blogging platform are long gone. You can do beautiful things when it comes to design, data analysis and performance with Wordpress these days. But still, we decided it was time to say goodbye to good ol’ WP and switch to something else. 

Why pay for HubSpot when you can not pay HubSpot?

Let’s start with the main factor. It has CMS features and we were able to build a website with it, but you can design a working website with thousands of other solutions available on the market. For us it’s a complete business ecosystem. Customer service and analytics, marketing automation platform, ads and leads tracking, and it’s all in one dashboard. No switching over from Google Data Studio to Facebook Ads and back to Search Console to finally find yourself in a CRM. With HubSpot it’s like we have a Command Control Centre. We can manage our online presence in one place. And it saves a ton of time, but it also makes designing sales funnels a lot easier.

But I’m in this business for way too long to say that you can’t achieve the same results on Wordpress and cheaper HubSpot alternatives.

Can you connect WP to Klaviyo and your inbox to Pipedrive? Sure you can. Can you use an alternative email marketing provider if you don’t like Klaviyo? You betcha. Do you really need all these things in separate platforms, hoping that all integrations work fine? I know I don’t. 

With Hubspot my life became so much easier I don’t know where to start. A lead submitted a contact form on the website. I get basic information on the company right in my inbox. I know what content has been consumed that lead to this person contacting us. I know on what should I focus on when replying to an email. At the same time, I can see how did we acquire this lead and add email address to a contact list of prospective leads, so I can create a lookalike audience on Facebook or LinkedIn if I’d like.

Security and performance. You all probably know what a hassle it is to be up-to-date with Wordpress and its plugins updates, exploits that could insert dozens of links to Russian porn websites and making sure that the website is fast after all, regardless of all these additional plugins you have installed. And you’re really brave and patient if you have built your WP website with a page builder that may be an intuitive drag & drop, but is a performance nightmare at the same time.

But let’s change a subject. HubSpot doesn’t pay me a dime to praise them, so I decided to share with you a few tricks you can do to increase your website Conversion Rate with basic features available there.

How to boost your website conversion rate with HubSpot?

Personalized lead generation experience for different time zones

As a digital marketing agency we work with companies from all over the world. And you know what’s a real conversion rate killer? It’s when you want to grab your website visitors attention and make them book a call with you on Calendly widget. You’re based in Europe and that’s fine for businesses in Europe, because your calendar has slots that are in their business hours. But what about people from the States, Canada or Asia? They click on the widget you want them to click and they see that they have to wake up in the middle of the night to talk to you.

You can prevent that with smart content. Set up geo targeting and display another Calendly widget based on the time zone your visitor is. Or don’t display a Calendly widget at all. Display them a contact form or a chat widget. Or hide a chat widget when there’s no agent available on your end. 

Maximize the chances of acquiring a lead by providing a personalized experience that’s best for your business.

I personally experienced a lot of different uses of HubSpot’s smart content on our clients’ websites, starting from displaying different pricing policy based on source of acquisition or offering different services, depending on who is viewing the website. 

Alternatively, you can take advantage of Google Optimize to accomplish the same thing.

Facebook Ads sequencing and sales funnel improvements

I know what you’ll say: you can design ad sequences directly on Facebook and you don’t need $800 a month software to do it. But let’s be honest - how often have you seen someone using ad sequences on Facebook? 


It’s key to utilize sequencing when we’re dealing with paid social traffic that isn’t really browsing Instagram to see your product. It also doesn’t make sense to pack all your Unique Selling Points in one ad because nobody will read it. Including your team that made the ad. 

A simple and intuitive way to tidy up your sales funnel on Facebook is underestimated and often not known to many business owners and marketing experts. 

Social Media tracking

The largest mistake a business can make on social media? Being on social media just to be on social media. We’re happy that we get likes, comments and shares. It’s great if we measure leads volume and quality from this source, but do we really understand how our activity there impacts the business?

What platform is the most effective in terms of lead generation, traffic quality or general brand awareness? Good luck with measuring that on a monthly basis if you don’t have a social media or data analysis team in-house. 

social traffic

With HubSpot you can easily learn and understand how your social media strategy works. Not how many hits you get on Facebook or Twitter, but how does it impact your business. What should be optimized, what doesn’t work and what source is the most effective for you. 

Learn if organic sessions from LinkedIn need a little push with remarketing campaigns before they convert. Find out whether posting on Twitter is great for traffic, but it’s not worth your time in terms of lead generation. Understand social media and make it earn more money for you. Remember that you’re there for a reason.

Alternatively you can get the same set of data in Hootsuite or similar solutions.

A/B tests, workflows, custom CTAs and chatflows.

These are some tasks that you should already have performed, but you probably didn't. Just like most companies. I'm talking about implementing a personalized user journey strategy. It’s fine that you think that your product page should look like it looks, but are your customers feeling the same way? Do you have email automation campaign based on selected triggers or do you just send a newsletter every now and then to your audience? Is the service you provide complex and a potential lead may require a conversation with a real person via chat widget before deciding? Are you displaying different Call to Actions based on the purchase intent? You could. What if people who were searching for “Cheap X solution” and clicked on your ad in Google saw CTA promising low prices right at the top of your website and people who need top quality saw CTA telling them that you’ve been doing what you do for the last 20 years?

It all matters when you want to optimize your conversion rate and most businesses don’t do it at all. You can get Google Optimize, GetResponse or Mailchimp, set up triggers in Google Tag Manager and display personalized content with it, but there’s a reason you probably don’t have personalized user journey right now. Because it’s a complex task requiring a lot of research, analysis and configuration. And with HubSpot you can do it in a fraction of the time, because everything happens in HubSpot.

When I talk to clients about implementing marketing automation solutions I often hear that they were thinking about HubSpot, but it’s too expensive for them. What I did before was to go and look for cheaper alternatives. Today I just ask “is an equivalent of one week pay of your marketing specialist too much to get a complete marketing and sales solution that will save this said employee a ton of time and will automate dozens of tasks you didn’t know you should be doing?”. It usually does the trick.



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