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recruitment marketing

What exactly is recruitment marketing and why is it so HOT?

Recruitment marketing is not only a trending slogan. It's an effective way to attract the best talents to develop your business. Check what it's all about.

No matter what your business does, it's always about people who make it. Currently, in the labor market, we observe difficulties in finding the best talents, not only in the IT industry. You have a comprehensive employer branding strategy, you offer great working conditions, and your company is growing so quickly that you can't keep up with hiring new talents. What to do? The answer is simple: it's time for recruitment marketing.

Recruitment marketing – what is it actually?

Recruitment marketing is a comprehensive process of promoting the employer's brand using the methodology and marketing tools, the purpose of which is to attract the best candidates for your growing company. In short, these are activities very similar to regular digital marketing, although it doesn’t promote services or products, and the recipient isn’t a consumer. In recruitment marketing, the "product" becomes the employer's brand, and the potential employees – the consumer.

Recruiting, employer branding, recruitment marketing… Better together!

You can say that recruitment marketing is just a cool-sounding slogan. Why do you actually need further actions if you already have an employer branding department and a great team of recruiters? Meanwhile, recruitment marketing is a solid support for these two areas. The range of activities of each of them is best illustrated by the 6 stages of the candidate journey funnel:

Awareness (1)

As you can see, the talent acquisition process can be divided into 6 stages and the role of recruitment marketing begins at the very beginning. The first three stages, i.e. awareness, consideration and interest are all that happens before our candidates send their CV to our company.

3 key steps for smart recruitment marketing

In the first stage, recruitment marketing specialists strive to make the brand appear in the minds of potential candidates. They reach them through paid campaigns in Google Ads, as well as in social media: Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads. They direct the group of recipients to the careers page, which is to show what our company does, what is the organizational culture and what roles we are currently looking for.

The second step is very important because it’s the stage where our potential candidates start considering changing jobs. That is why we should make sure that we appear in their consciousness more and more often. Candidates already know the name of our company, now it's time to find out about us as much information as possible that is useful to them.  What we do? What projects do we have? What does the cooperation with us look like? What distinguishes us from other employers? Think about your company's Unique Selling Points and focus primarily on the needs of the potential employee. What can you offer him? Create remarketing campaigns that will reach people who can join your team.

The last, third, stage is the moment when our potential candidate becomes interested in our company, and it’s the time when we should provide him with access to the details of the recruitment process and a specific offer that will help him decide on the application. This is the best moment to build marketing campaigns for specific offers, using relevant keywords in Google Ads and targeting on Facebook and LinkedIn. So, you need to create special landing pages with specific offers and direct your candidates there. Take care of the appearance of your website and don’t forget about content, using the language of benefits.

Remember that we build good awareness of our own brand all the time, and we need comprehensive activities, both marketing and employer branding – external and internal. We all know that the opinion of employees is more credible for candidates than the most beautiful descriptions about the company published on its website.

Is it really worth it?

If you ask me, I believe that every properly prepared marketing activity, including recruitment marketing strategy, makes sense and brings many benefits. In order not to be groundless, I’ll show you my results from recruitment marketing activities for one of our clients from the IT industry:

ng (2) (1)

source: Digiffic’s case study

See? Our client was so impressed with the results that he thought the analytics on HubSpot were broken. If you're in the TECH industry, you know how difficult it is to acquire IT talent these days. But it’s possible. All you need is a good employer branding, solid recruiters and a recruitment marketing specialist. 

There are even more benefits of recruitment marketing

The results, while most important to business, are not the only benefits of good recruitment marketing campaigns. To other benefits of implementing this strategy, I would add:

  • increasing brand awareness,
  • the possibility of faster and relatively cheap acquisition of new talent,
  • building a positive candidate experience,
  • generating own data on the target group,
  • the ability to quickly react to changes in the expectations of potential candidates,
  • the ability to optimize activities at any time.

That is why, in my opinion, recruitment marketing often turns out to be more effective than traditional tactics. If you already run employer branding activities, you will surely find support in marketing. If you don't have a strategy yet, recruitment marketing will help you start promoting not only your products or services, but the business itself.



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