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Date added: 14 February 2022

Update: 29 January 2023

How to attract customers effectively. Have a look at the AIDA model in marketing

How can you attract potential customers with your offer? See what you can get from using the AIDA model in marketing.

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  1. What is the AIDA model?
  2. AIDA meaning in marketing
  3. Attention
  4. Interest
  5. Desire
  6. Action
  7. Why should you consider the AIDA model?
  8. Evolution of AIDA in digital marketing
  9. How does AIDA help marketers?

Are you wondering what the path of consumers to the final purchase looks like? The AIDA concept shows this very clearly. Thanks to AIDA, you can choose the best sales strategy that will improve your business and turn many people into your new customers. So how does it work? 

What is the AIDA model?

AIDA concept marketing was created at the end of the 19th century by Elias St. Elmo Lewis, an American advertiser. He didn't define his idea as AIDA, but he indicated a few things that should be included in the advertisement to convince people to buy. This quote shows perfectly that the AIDA concept in advertising was born at this moment. 

The mission of an advertisement is to attract a reader so that he will look at the advertisement and start to read it; then to interest him, so that he will continue to read it; then to convince him, so that when he has read it he will believe it. If an advertisement contains these three qualities of success, it is a successful advertisement.

AIDA meaning in marketing

According to his words, let's show the AIDA marketing definition. In simple words: AIDA – attention, interest, desire, action. 


This is the first you need to take to get your customer interested. Here, your main goal is to get your potential clients to ask themselves, "what is it?". To do this, you should make your content look attractive and appealing to the target audience who most wants your product.


If you've already attracted the recipients' attention, you have their interest! Here, consumers ensure they like what they see and are ready to take the next step. People usually seek more information about the brand and the rest of the offer at this stage. So It's your job to keep them interested.


In this step, customers should already be close to making a purchase. After getting to know your offer and brand, they surely started following your social media. If they track your company on Facebook, Instagram, or any other way, you have achieved their trust in the earlier stages. Usually, followers of your Facebook pages are ready to buy now, so create content that will encourage them even more! 


A proper call to action is an excellent way to encourage people to make a purchase. Therefore, you need to prepare content that will make people think that buying your products is the right decision. After that, the consumer should say, "I'm in!" and make a purchase. After finishing the whole process, you must keep your customers interested. Try engaging them by sending a newsletter or delivering news from your brand on social media.

Why should you consider the AIDA model?

The AIDA communication model can show you how customers go through to the final purchase. Thanks to this, you can very well prepare your marketing strategy for the various stages that make up the AIDA model of advertising. Each stage requires a slightly different approach, so you need to know what action needs to be taken. 

Let's assume that some business wants to present its offer to the public. To get attention, it needs to perform an advertising campaign to reach its audience. Nowadays, social media and search engines provide the best variety of advertising tools to reach all kinds of audiences for businesses of any size.

If the campaign was a success and we reached the right people, it was possible to arouse the interest of a specific group. Potential customers start to visit the brand's website and learn more about the offer. Thanks to the Facebook Ads, they can also directly enter the fanpage and view the rest of the content – if it convinces them to like the fanpage, it means their interest has been piqued! 

Now it's time to make a potential customer a paying customer. A company may present (on its website or social media) evidence of how its product benefits its customers. Here the desire needs to be created. After this, a proper call to action enters the scene. Research shows that a personalized CTA can perform even 202% better than a basic one (keep in mind your customers' needs when creating one). 

This AIDA advertising example should show you how important it's to prepare your content for consumers. Their path to you can be simple and convenient or difficult and bumpy. It all depends on your product and your strategy to sell it. 

Evolution of AIDA in digital marketing

Along with the development of digital marketing, the acronym itself has changed, and you can also meet other versions. Take a look at these AIDA marketing examples:

  • AIDAL – where "L" means loyalty. Some marketers believe that it's customer loyalty provides the company with a steady profit. Without such people, building trust in the brand will be difficult.
  • AIDAS – where "S" means satisfaction. It can guarantee that customers return to the company and decide to buy new products from you.
  • AIDAR – where "R" means repetitive purchase. If customers are satisfied with their first purchase, they will keep buying it. This idea is very similar to the model where satisfaction was recognized as the 5th element of AIDA.

How does AIDA help marketers?

With AIDA, digital marketing agencies can develop the best advertising strategy to reach customers. This also contributes to the fact that entrepreneurs can adapt their offers accordingly and gain customers' trust. Thanks to AIDA, sales techniques can be improved – we can, among others, create new CTAs, invent ad formats, or keep the audience interested in a particular brand.

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