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Google Ads extensions – launch better ads and pimp your campaigns

Any ways to make your ads work better? Pimp them with extensions in Google Ads. See how simple it is and how to do that properly.

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It’s time to confess. I’m a big fan of setting up campaigns with well-built extensions. Why exactly? What are Google Ads extensions and why is it worth making them? Let’s face it – Google Ads extensions are one of the best ways to pimp your ads – quickly and efficiently. 

First of all, they’re a perfect solution to reach more potential customers, who might be attracted by your extensive advertising. You just serve them more information, what from the selling point of view is very valuable for someone with a purchase intent. Information about the location, telephone number, price, services offered. It all depends on your decisions. Psst – you don't have to limit yourself in this matter. The more people intrigued and interested in your offer, the more clicks. What does that mean? Obviously increased CTR, and who doesn't like to see high numbers with this ratio?

Going further – Google Ads extensions not only increase the amount of clicks, making your CTR higher, but also make your ads more visible. What’s tricky, thanks to them your ad space is much bigger than your competitor's – if they have no extensions included, of course, and I often see from my own experience that well-built extensions are very rare. So, if you want to outperform the competition – come on, of course you do – you'd better start thinking about your ad extensions.

Third – they’re completely for free. Is there anything better than additional benefits with no costs hidden? You pay for a single click – which is the old way, no matter if you have extensions included or not.

So what’s best to choose? What can't I imagine my campaigns without when it comes to Search Network?

What are callout extensions in Google Ads?

Simply saying – callout extensions in Google Ads are the base of extensions you need to include in your campaigns. How to start? First – think about your unique selling points and benefits that are guaranteed to consumers by choosing exactly this and not another company.

Callout extensions

source: Google Ads

Regardless of whether it'll be free shipping or many years of experience – it’s worth diversifying the advertisement with these components. It can only help.

Google Ads – site link extensions and easily increasing the number of conversions

Do you know how to enlarge the number of conversions? Probably Google will tell you that you should increase your budget. Good joke. Better shorten the path of the consumer to the places where the conversion could take place.

sitelink extensions

source: Google Ads

Thanks to site link extensions in Google Ads, you have the opportunity to lead a potential customer straight to the goal – no matter if there is a link to the contact form, registration or subscription. You know… One thing led to another.

Call extension – don't be shy to give your phone number to your customers

Don't make people ask for your company phone number. Don't let them look for it, because while they are doing it, they can give up and... oops. The conversion rate won’t increase at all. Instead of that – give it to them at the beginning by using a call extension in Google Ads

Call extensions

source: Google Ads

Remember that by advertising in Google Search, you’re going to meet consumers’ demand. So satisfy them quickly – and faster than the competition. 

Structured snippet extensions – show them all the range of your services

What are structured snippet extensions? What's the primary benefit of using structured snippet extensions in your ads? Simply saying – this is the best way to show the consumers the scope of your services at the beginning. That’s why you give them another reason for them to enter your advertisement and become more familiar with the brand.

What does it look like? You can choose from several selected headers – e.g. services, destinations, style etc. – and write down the values that your company meets in this regard.

Structured snipped extensions

source: Google Ads

What are the downsides? Limited headline option – not everyone will find something suitable for their business.

Google Ads & image extension – to make it clear and attractive

Honestly, I often gave up this option at first. But after a while, I realized that this is a very useful extension. When? First, when you know that the visual aspects of the advertised object or product can be its big advantage.

image extensions

source: Google Ads

Secondly – when you want to avoid misunderstandings, a consumer who sees a photo immediately knows if this is exactly the result he wanted. It’s simple, isn't it? And how useful!

Location extensions – the best plan for every local business

Show people your location – including your address and location on a map. That’s how they can easily find your company and visit your brick-and-mortar store. Especially when they click into the location extension and get exact instructions from Google Maps on how to find you. This is a great option for all those who want to advertise their local services and shorten the customer's path to make a conversion. And that's what we all mean, right?

location extension

source: Google Search

The affiliate location extension works very similarly, but it’s slightly different from the above. What is it all about? In short, if you distribute your goods and customers can find them in stores other than your company one – just tell where they can get them and Google will do the rest by showing them the nearest store with your product. It's like directing people to your dealers. People like it when they can find what they’re looking for quickly. Make it easy for them.

Price extensions – Google Ads as a price catalog

There is no need to beat around the bush. Price really matters and when looking for a specific product or service, we care how much we have to pay for it. Why not include this information in your ad? Price extension in Google Ads will additionally redirect the customer to the page with the exact offer. And this is just a step away from making a valuable consumer decision.

price extensions

source: Google Ads

Think how many people might have been tempted to take your offer, but have been discouraged by the high price? By giving people direct cost information at the very beginning – you minimize the number of non-converting clicks. And additionally – price extensions take up a lot of space. And remember, the more there is for you, the less competition is visible.

Promotion extensions & Google Ads – who doesn’t like special offers?

You can include a lot of really tempting options in promotion extensions. You can show on what occasion you offer promotional prices for specific products – for example on Black Friday, God, how banal – and how high the discount is.

Promotion extensions-1

source: Google Ads

You can also give people a special discount code. Come on, honestly, don't you like getting these kinds of surprises?

App extensions – Google Ads and redirection to download the app

Ok, not all of us have their own company app, but if you’re  among the lucky ones who have it – let your customers know about it. Direct people to where they can download it.

App extensions

source: Google Ads

What will you gain? In addition to the many benefits it brings, apps are not only more user-friendly – they also significantly promote fast payments. Do you know what I mean?

Lead form extensions – a great way to get contacts

Simply put – Lead Ads on Google Ads. A great way to get leads and store their data for later remarketing. One of my favorite extensions because it simply works. And it works very well!

lead form extensions

source: Google Ads

It’s also a great option for those who don’t have the time or financial resources to improve the user experience of their website. It’s that, because lead form extensions don’t generate traffic to your website. The user sees the form in the browser, fills it in with his or her data and – it's ready!

What else should you remember about extensions in Google Ads? It’ll never be the case that Google will display them all at once - that would be just a combo, huh? Google selects those that have the most chance to maximize conversion and displays them to specific users.

It's also worth remembering that extensions in Google have their character limitations – that's for sure. Sometimes it's frustrating, but still – I don't have many doubts that it's definitely worth a little effort.

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